Flesh & Blood Monarch Blitz Deck Box (Display of 8 Decks)

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Release date: May 14 2021


Product Details

Ready-to-play out of the box, Blitz decks are crafted to be a perfect introduction to Flesh and Blood and the heroes of Monarch, suitable for new and experienced players alike. 

From Legend Story Studios:

Darkness, the canvas of the universe. Light, the brushstroke of creation. A forbidden power hungers to eclipse existence, wiping the canvas clean. The soul of Rathe stands resolute, a ray of hope to the artisans of civilization.

Monarch is a standalone booster set introducing four new heroes with all new mechanics, to play out the classic conflict of light vs shadow across sealed deck, booster draft, and constructed formats.

Flesh and Blood is a hero vs hero combat game, where the cards you play are the moves your hero makes in the delicate dance of life and death with your opponent. Designed for constructed, booster draft, sealed deck, and multiplayer, Flesh and Blood’s innovative pitch resource system guarantees that every game is a great game!

Product Breakdown

Product Configuration: 40 cards, plus hero, weapon, and equipment cards, per deck box, 8 decks per display (2 of each hero).

Product Highlights

Blitz Decks :

Prism Blitz Deck
Boltyn Blitz Deck
Chane Blitz Deck
Levia Blitz Deck

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