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Fri May 17 - 10:35pm Random
May 17
Break #1104 : 2 Boxes Hockey SP Authentic Duo - Team Random
- 1 Box of 2022-23 SP Authentic Hobby - 1 Box of 2021-22 SP Authentic Hobby View all items
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breaks faq

Breaks 101

What is a break?

A break consists in a live opening of one or multiple trading cards boxes, where every teams are assigned to a customer, who paid to see the content of all boxe(s). Stakk will offer a large variety of breaks for all kind of trading cards: hockey, baseball, football, basketball and more!

>A break is a cheaper way to get involved into box opening. Since a break includes more than one box, most of the time, it gives you a better chance to hit high without having to spend big money. Every break also provides you an opportunity to interact with our friendly and experienced staff.

How does a break work?

We will fix a price based on the box/boxes cost divided by the number of spots available (NHL = 30 or 31, MLB = 30, NFL = 32, NBA = 30). When all spots are sold, we draw all names and all teams separately, using the website “”, and match both results.

Please note that for every random we’ll do, we’ll use a dice roll app to decide how many random will be made. All random videos are recorded and will be available to watch when done. When the list is complete, we are going live to open all box of the break. When the break is done, we will ship all hits from your team(s).

Please note that we do not ship base cards. We only ship "hit" cards.

What is a base card ? (or common card): Its a card that is very common to find in a set. A base card is the regular issue card released on the main set of a given product, part of the main basic checklist. A player usually has 1 base card in each set and can sometimes have a few subset cards.

What is a "hit" card ? ( or Insert card) : A variant card, a numbered card, a card that has the mention "rookie" or "RC", an autograph, contains memorabilia (piece of jersey or patch), or any other card considered uncommon.

"Hit" cards are always put into a protective sleeve and a top loader during live breaks.

When will my break start?

Scheduled breaks can be displayed in the break schedule. Once purchased, you will receive an email 15 minutes before the break begins. Please note that we can post breaks at any time of the day and some may break as soon as they are filled. To be sure you don’t miss all of our action, be sure to sign up to our email or SMS notifications and be informed first!

Where can I see the video for the break I joined?

types of breaks

Random Teams

Random break is the same price for every customer and gives an opportunity to everyone to get the best teams. Before every Random break, we will allow everyone to trade or sell their team. Once the break begins, we will not accept any change.

Team Select

Team Select breaks offer all teams available for a break at a different price. You want one more than another? There’s your chance! Team prices will depend of the variety, the number of potential hits, the expected value of the rookies and a lot of other aspects.

Random Hit

This kind of break is commonly used if products contain only a few hits or in more expensive products. Upper Deck offers a product named “Clear Cut”, containing only one hit per box. To prevent too many teams to be hitless, we will offer a case where every spot will be a hit. When full, we are going live and are opening all the case boxes. At the end, we will roll the dice and randomize every name and every hit and match both.

Serial Number

This one is mostly exclusive for high end products. Instead of teams, each spot will represent a number or a list of numbers. As an example, Panini offers a product named “Flawless” (only in baseball, football and basketball), which include only cards numbered 25 or less. We will roll the dice, randomize all names and numbers (1 to 25, combining the #25 with the R for all redemptions) and match the list. Entering live, we will open the box and attribute every card using the number on the left of every card (ex. 06/25, card belongs to the #6 spot).

break rules

Respect, kindness and honesty

All interactions between Stakk members and all the Stakk community have to be RESPECTFUL, KIND and HONEST. We will not tolerate any insults, disrespect or threats of any kind and we reserve the right to ban or suspend any member of the community that doesn’t oblige. Let’s keep it fun for everyone!

Do not delete or edit your comments

We don’t accept any deleting or editing on all our community posts. If for any reason you want to retract or change something, please leave your original comment and add what you want to do/say by replying to your comment. That will prevent from any confusion between our staff and the community.

Always pay before you break

You must pay as you claim when taking a team or a spot. If payment isn’t done when full, we will make it available to everyone else. In the event you paid but it doesn’t fill, we will refund everyone. Also, if a break doesn’t fill and gets cancelled, everyone will be refunded but only the filler winners will get their money back.

Timeless cards

If a card has no team on it, we will do a random at the end of the break with all the teams. For multi-player cards, including no-team player(s), cards will be granted to the team of the player-with-a-team.

Cards with players that haven't been drafted or signed yet

Some products include players not yet drafted or signed by a professional team. If the break only includes professional teams, each card will be randomized at the end of the break. If the break includes collegial teams, all cards will be sorted by collegiate teams even if they are drafted or signed after the release of the product.

Breaks card sorting

All breaks will be sorted according to the official checklist available on the website If there’s a mistake on the checklist, we will push our research to give the card to the right team. Ex. The checklist states a team, the card shows the same team but on the back of the card there’s another team, we will dig deeper to find out which team is the right one.

Cards with retired players

If a case shows a retired player with no team logo or uniform, the card will go to the team in which the player played the most game in. Ex. Wayne Gretzky played for 4 NHL teams over his career. He played 696 games with the Edmonton Oilers and 539 games with the Los Angeles Kings. In that case, the card is awarded to the Edmonton Oilers.

Cards with no longer active teams

If a card shows a team that is no longer among the active teams of a league, the card belongs to the franchise that is now active. Here are a few examples:

  • Hartford Whalers = Carolina Hurricanes
  • Winnipeg Jets (1979 to 1996) = Arizona Coyotes
  • Atlanta Trashers = Winnipeg Jets (2011 to now)
  • Quebec Nordiques = Colorado Avalanche

Cards with two players from different teams

If a card has two players from two different teams, card will be randomized between both teams unless majority owner. Cards with more than 2 players will be awarded by these rules:

  1. If the same person owns two or more of the players on the card, while the rest own only one team or less than the “majority owner”, the card will be awarded to the “majority owner”.
  2. If there is no “majority owner”, card will be randomized between all teams on the card.

Cards with international or All-Star uniforms

If a card shows a player in an international or all-star uniform, we’ll try to find which year it features or a sign that shows which team the player belongs to. If we’re unable to state which team it is, the card will be awarded to the team the player played the most games with, in his career.


How long will it take to get my order?

Every order processed before 3 PM will be shipped the next day directly from Montreal. Orders can take up to 7-10 business days to arrive, according to your location. We have a commitment to each and every one of our customers to send every order as fast as we can but unfortunately, we aren’t responsible for delivery delay from the carrier.

How will I know my order has been shipped?

Once your order is on its way, you will receive an email notification confirming shipment (be sure to check your junk mail). In the same email, a tracking number will allow you to follow the progress of your delivery.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes. Please note that we are doing our best to offer free shipping but in certain events, we may have to charge shipping fees depending on the destination country, the size and value of the package, and more variables. In that case, our support team will contact you and identify the best solution.

Do I need to pay duty fees on my order?

Yes, according to your location, duty fees might be applicable. For no surprises, make sure to check before ordering.

Do you deliver to PO boxes?

For security purposes, we do not ship to PO boxes.

If I’m not home when my order is being delivered, where will it be left?

Even if you’re home, for security and identification measures, all orders will have to be picked up at the post office.

I received a package, but I am missing some of my cards.

Use the contact us page to provide us with information about your order and what could be missing. Our team will gladly assist you.

Since there are so many brands and possibilities, some situations not stated here may occur. If you feel something isn’t right, please contact Stakk’s Support and we’ll do our best to resolve every situation as fast as possible.